Are you a mom or a fresh pancake?

If you weren’t a mom, you’d be a fresh pancake.

So my six-year-old son informs me this evening. The same one who sings: A+A=B! and D+M=4! The same one who has memorized my cell phone number and calls me at work to tell me his name is Alan. (Which it isn’t. Even remotely.)

I think he’s channeling Plath. I think she snuck growling into the house through the attic (or through Ariel, which is as good as any attic) and slunk invisibly down the loft ladder and possessed him while I was cooking.


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5 thoughts on “Are you a mom or a fresh pancake?

  1. Dana says:

    Sylvia won’t hurt you. Now if it were Ted, I’d be worried.

  2. Oh, in *that* case…


  3. Rachel says:

    So *that’s* what happened to my four-year-old. He keeps singing that Spongebob song “The Best Day Ever” – backwards.

    Damn that Ariel.

  4. jillypoet says:

    My son and all my art students sing The Best Day Ever all day every day. I think Spongebob is at the root of all evil in the under 7 set. I think your son is a muse. He speaks in poetry!

  5. [...] son to me. They’ve been writing Valentines at school. I got a kick out of being compared to a fresh pancake in November but this goes way beyond that. He’s just so lovable it hurts [...]

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