Snarling at Jesus

We have perhaps seven Nativity sets from all over the globe set up through the house and this may be why my six-year-old son chose to draw a very detailed Nativity scene in pencil and crayon this evening. We have Mary, Joseph, Jesus-sleeping-in-a-manger, a shepherd, three wise men and a sheep, all nicely arranged under a possibly rather sketchily angular but perfectly adequate stable canopy. He forgot the star.

Or did he replace it?

With a rather impressionistic drawing of a lean, snarling, crouching thing poised to leap, on a rocky overhang above the stable.

Oh my. What’s that?! I asked, startled.

Oh, just a hungry mountain lion. It smells Jesus, he said.


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5 thoughts on “Snarling at Jesus

  1. S. Thomas Summers says:

    This made me smile. For that, I am in your debt…and your son’s. Merry Christmas.

  2. SarahJ says:

    ha ha. I hear you could “smell” him from miles away.

  3. this child is making me old before my time, is all I can say.

  4. Two Dishes says:

    Like ghosts, the true goings on in a creche are best observed by the very young. I found you via Dave Bonta’s Negativa

  5. Welcome! Good to see you here.

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