Best poem ever

My mom smelz like hot cookies
My mom feels mushy
I love her

This from my small son to me. With audio! They’ve been writing Valentines at school. I got a kick out of being compared to a fresh pancake in November but this goes way beyond that.

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4 thoughts on “Best poem ever

  1. G says:

    How lucky you are, you mushy, hot-cookie-smelling, well-loved mommy!

  2. I suppose so…

    Just found your RSS feed now works (why didn’t it before?), so I could add you to my Bloglines feeds. Woohoo!

  3. G says:

    Ack. How embarrassing. Will try to improve the content, or add a disclaimer. Something.

  4. [...] he consented to read this aloud — listen above. I’m putting it up here to match the Whale Child poem already on this [...]

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