DONE! Done done done done done!

With NaPo!

Where’s the party?

Everyone: Please apprehend me and sternly demand my papers and rigorously question my sanity in the completely unlikely event that I should, next year, announce I intend to participate in NaPo again.


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6 thoughts on “DONE! Done done done done done!

  1. Scavella says:

    Nope, sorry, it’s a poem a day, not 30 poems in a month. You have another day to go.

    Unless you are in Australia, which I sincerely doubt.


  2. Nice try, Sorcerer Lady.

    I’m done, OK?


    Time zones are virtual, as anyone can tell you.

  3. Scavella says:


    I wrote 30 poems too. You saying I’m done?

    No! No! No, I say!! I shall vanquish! I shall vanquish April! I shall! I shall! I shall!

    Timezones are virtual, huh? There must be a murder mystery in that somewhere.

  4. Barbara says:

    I think we should make Nic do what Howard did and post an April 31st…. because misery loves company.

  5. Rob says:

    Yes, post a poem tomorrow, Nic. You don’t get off that easily. Heh.

  6. One word for the lot of you: Eeeeeeviill.

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