Poetry Friends

My poem the jungle and the bungalow is up at Poetry Friends today.

Poetry Friends is a terrific poem-a-day site published by Susan Culver, who used to edit Lily (how could she stop?!). I was lucky enough once to have a poem in Lily and that poem felt, now I think about it, correct in the same way the jungle and the bungalow does — although I would not have thought to link them in that way before. Thanks, Susan! (And if you ever have the urge to edit a poetry manuscript, let me know and I’ll send you mine post-haste).

Go check out Poetry Friends and send in your own submissions!

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5 thoughts on “Poetry Friends

  1. Scavella says:

    Congrats, of course.

  2. helenl says:

    Hi Nic, I had one poem in Lily also. (After about six rejections) I did send a poem to her now. I’ll let you know, if I get accepted. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. helenl says:

    Nic, Thanks to you Susan Culver just published the title poem to my almost-complete chapbook. Thank you.

  4. That’s great, Helen! Nice piece, indeed. And good luck with the chapbook!

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