mother has gone

father reads us
quiet bedtime stories

mrs carr cleans
our hushed house

as it shrinks
and dries around us

a little more
every day

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9 thoughts on “mother has gone

  1. This is beautiful. Concise and packed!

  2. Angie says:

    oooh, Nic – pensive! Can almost hear the house crackling, like a husk – great juxtaposition against the youth of the speaker.
    I especially like the couplets and elegant simplicity.
    Good to see you are still at it! :) All best to you ~ A

  3. Angie! Where’ve you been? Good to hear from you!

  4. helenl says:

    You packed a lot into a few words. I like.

  5. Angie says:

    Nic, I’ve been learning photography and not writing a bit!

  6. I love the sparseness and sadness just under the surface.

  7. Thanks — glad it worked for you and thanks for stopping by. Nic

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