hearts are clouds

who only know it’s raining when they burst, are monsoons and torrents, never meant to flood your house I never meant to flood your house but now that I know your inner rooms how can I ever fall asleep, in this cold line, with my wooden heart shaped bowl, waiting, for a little food, some water, and a smile of sun that made me wish I was father to your many dreams that run barefoot and naked on wooden or tiled floors mumbling the nothings of first word attempts, I will learn to plait their hair, I will wake by night to calm fevers and rub their feet with oil and whisper prayers to my God to keep them safe, and I will watch you by day and by night, and any hand that lay on you would have to seek membership again, but I am daydreaming, here, in this line with my wooden heart shaped bowl


That is the part I very much like. You can read the full text here, at Tongues of the Ocean.

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3 thoughts on “hearts are clouds

  1. Nico says:

    Yes, I love Muhammad’s poem.

    I am dying to hear him read his spoken word stuff. Next issue, I hope!

  2. Scavella says:

    Nic, thanks for the link! I just noticed this sitting in my dashboard. Thanks for singling out Muhammad’s poem, which I like more and more each time I read it. He’s got some wicked stuff. I really want to watch him perform it — next issue, I hope.

  3. [...] hearts are clouds « Very Like A Whale In Literature on Sunday, March 22, 2009 at 12:11 am Over on Very Like a Whale, Nic gives a headsup to tongues of the ocean. [...]

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