Galatea Resurrects

Woohoo! Just heard I’ve had a poetry review accepted by Galatea Resurrects for the upcoming issue, due out towards the end of the month.

Formal reviewing is a new interest for me. I was surprised by how much reading, work and thought and connection-making went into it.  I’ll write more about the process as I lived it at some point, but it did confirm one thing for me — that ideas in poetry are important to me, and their importance is not just a matter of intellectual apprehension. The intellectual apprehension feeds the emotional response. And vice versa.

Or something like that.

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4 thoughts on “Galatea Resurrects

  1. I had all sorts of second thoughts, I have to say, and went reading all sorts of reviews to reassure myself. The fact is there are a whole bunch of different reviewing styles out there. The thing to do may be – rather than trying to work out what a “good” review is – is work out what a good *your* review is. I’ll write more about my kind of review (so far) in a bit. Good to hear from you! Nic

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