taking NaPo off-line

I thought it might come to this. As ideas and themes become clearer in the story as a whole, I’m finding myself going back and picking at already-written stuff, which is a pain while it’s up on a blog in individual posts. It needs to be one fat document centrally-editable document at this point.

Starting on-line was definitely the way to go, though — I wouldn’t have made it this far if I had been writing in my usual lazy-ass hm do I feel like writing today or don’t I? style.

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2 thoughts on “taking NaPo off-line

  1. I think this is the point of the poem-a-day exercise: to get you started on new works. Glad you’ve written something you can sink your teeth into.

  2. Me too! I think in subsequent years I’ll try and come up with a unifying theme, rather than going for individual and unrelated moments of inspiration. It does simplify matters rather. Thanks for stopping by. Nic

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