the meaning of Thursday

How is everyone?!

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6 thoughts on “the meaning of Thursday

  1. Justin Evans says:

    I am doing well. Long time no see. What has been going on?

  2. phill says:

    Wow, this blog has sat dormant in my google reader for quite some time. Welcome back to the land of the e-living. :)

  3. Hi Justin and Phill – thanks for stopping by! Have been busy being ground up by the mills of life, which also grind exceeding small. Putting things back together now and looking for a good dose of e-life and poetry.

  4. Jessie carty says:

    Currently sleepy :)

  5. How is *everyone*? Generalissimo Franco is still dead. Walt Whitman is large. He contains multitudes. Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs haven’t had a hit since 1966. Joanie loves Chachi.

    I think that about covers it.


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