draft recordings & gender issues (Whale Sound notes)

Observation 1
Making recordings of poems is not unlike like writing poems. What strikes you as a brilliant vocal/aural insight at 11pm on Wednesday can very easily strike you as so much vocal/aural drivel at 8am on Thursday.

It’s best to consider even what seems like your best recording as a draft and let it sit for a while – at least overnight – before posting.

Observation 2
I wish I hadn’t noticed but I have. At least two thirds of the poems I mark as potential Whale Sound material during my internet poetry trawling are poems by women. Does this matter? And if so, in what way?

I also notice that 75% of the poets on my current ‘have not yet responded to my request to use their poem for Whale Sound’ list are men. What’s up with that?

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4 thoughts on “draft recordings & gender issues (Whale Sound notes)

  1. Very innnnteresting…:)

    I don’t know what to make of it. I will say I have been enjoying your recordings so much—you have a fantastic reading voice and pacing (you sound natural, but it is clear that what you are saying MATTERS).

  2. Re: Observation 1. I’m sure this is true but it sounds like very unbloggerlike behavior, to sit on something for more than a few minutes before just posting it. :) However, I’m sure it’s very good advice, and I will feel a pang of guilt every time I disregard it henceforward.

    Re: Observation 2, neither pattern surprises me. I don’t think it matters that you’re favoring female poets, and the second phenomenon may go part-way to explaining why: male writers are in general more egotistical/less social, and I’m guessing that your choice of poets is influenced at least in part by connections you’ve made online? I mean, one does sometimes find female poets online with no blogroll and no apparent inclination to go and comment on others’ sites, but I don’t think it’s nearly as common as it is with male poets.

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