The Story of a Well-Made Shield

“Now in the dawn before it dies, the eagle swings low and wide in a great arc, curving downward to the place of origin. There is no wind, but there is a long roaring on the air.”

-N. Scott Momaday

This fragment has been haunting me for the past couple of days. So much to unpack and to ask about it.

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4 thoughts on “The Story of a Well-Made Shield

  1. Yes, and why ‘now,’ with or without a comma? And is the ‘it’ that dies the dawn or the eagle? Why ‘downward’? Why a roaring ‘on’ the air, as oppose to any other configutation? It’s like a small gong in my head!

  2. the use of simple language and punctuation makes me focus on every word! Before I read your comments I was already thinking of the ON as well. Or maybe that is partially due to having a discussion about whether you want to be on tv or in TV with my students ;)

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