submitting on others’ behalf (part 3)

(Part 1; Part 2)

Found this morning that the acceptance note for this process is a hybrid acceptance/solicitation and is sent to two poets. Weird, but very cool to write:

Dear Poet X2: I am building an audio anthology of contemporary poems online called Whale Sound, which takes submissions. Whale Sound recently began accepting submissions made on behalf of third-party poets. Poet X1, copied above, saw and loved your poem ‘Z’ (available online at link Y) and suggested it to me. I loved it in my turn and am asking for your permission to interpret it for Whale Sound. If you have a moment to visit the site, you will get a good sense of my style and approach. Please let me know if this works for you.

(Thanks to Whale Sound poet Laura Sheahen for this submission!)

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7 thoughts on “submitting on others’ behalf (part 3)

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    • Putting me on the spot there, Didi! I’m making this up as I go along. Probably the guidelines should say something like, “please submit no more than three poems a month.” Or something…? (It doesn’t really matter whether you’re a publisher or not, in my book — the idea is to showcase others’ poems).

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