Lordly Dish Nanopress gives birth

It’s been two years and seven months in the making. So pleased and proud to announce my first collection, Forever Will End On Thursday edited by Jill Alexander Essbaum and published by Lordly Dish Nanopress, our purpose-formed, single publication nanopress. Process notes here.

This is about encouraging each other to find creative and credible new ways to get the work of more dedicated poets out past existing publication bottle-necks, while still applying credible ‘quality control’ measures. I hope other poets and one-time editors will adopt the nanopress paradigm. I hope that others still will develop ever more creative publishing paradigms for the benefit of us.

A huge toast and much love to Jill Alexander Essbaum, without whom, none of this. Thank-you!!

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14 thoughts on “Lordly Dish Nanopress gives birth

  1. Christine says:

    Yay! Congratulations!!

  2. Dave Bonta says:

    Well it’s about freakin’ time! :) Congratulations.

    The links in the footer don’t work:
    table of contents
    poems & audio on single page
    download as PDF
    download as MP3

    I’m gonna be old-school and get it in print so I can read it on my front porch next month.

  3. Dave Bonta says:

    (Thanks for keeping the Lulu price as low as possible. Even with a $4.00 mailing charge, it’s still very affordable — less than $11.00.)

  4. Shouldn’t you have announced this on a Thursday? :-)

  5. Maureen says:

    Just spent some time on the site. What a wonderful collection! Congratulations.

    Turns out we hail from the same county.

  6. Nancy Devine says:

    I’m excited for you. And I cannot express how grateful I am that you keep pushing and redefining publishing for us. You’re inspiring.

  7. Vicky says:

    Congratulations Nic! That’s wonderful!!

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