‘Threatening Weather’ by Howie Good

We are very pleased to announce publication of the latest Whale Sound Audio Chapbook: Threatening Weather by Howie Good. I’ve greatly enjoyed working with Howie and his wonderful poems for this chapbook – thanks, Howie!

As usual, our publisher question for consumers is: How do you like your poetry served?

Our slogan is as always: publish in multiple formats – some of them free! So you get to download audio, PDF, EPUB and MOBI files free, if those are your preferred poetry-absorbing methods. If you like a good old paper book in your hand, you can buy the poems as a print chapbook from Lulu’s (at cost-price – no publisher mark-up). If you prefer a CD to put in a player and store on your shelf, buy the CD version from Lulu’s – also at cost-price with no mark-up.

More at this post and this post and this post about why we publish in the bizarro way we do.

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