Call for submissions or your poems are dying to be a videopoem triptych

Whale Sound, Cello Dreams and Swoon are looking for poems with which to create a videopoem triptych.

Do you have a group of three poems you’d like to have published as videopoems? They could be three of your own poems, a set of three separate-but-related poems by you and two other poets, or a set of three poems written collaboratively by two or more poets.

We are a trio of artists — Nic Sebastian, poet/reader; Kathy McTavish, musician; and Swoon, film-maker — who have come together to pioneer this novel method of poetry publication.

Flight, a videopoem based on a poem by Helen Vitoria, is an example of our collaboration.

To get a sense of how your videopoem triptych would look and sound after publication, visit Night Vision.

Send 3 to 5 poems in the body of an email to Nic at nic_sebastian at hotmail dot com or Swoon at swoonbildos at gmail dot com.

Update: Deadline is this weekend – Sunday September 4.

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6 thoughts on “Call for submissions or your poems are dying to be a videopoem triptych

  1. Karen Weyant says:

    Quick question: Can these be previously published poems, or are you looking for brand new work? Sounds like a great project!

  2. By the way, deadline is this weekend, Sunday September 4.

  3. helenvitoria says:

    LOVE that you are doing this!! Such a wonderful addition to poetry!!! All the best with it!!

  4. [...] responses to the videopoem triptych call for submissions! We were staggered. But very happy. And some really wonderful work came our way. Thank you so much [...]

  5. [...] (music). This was the dry run for their new collaborative videopoem triptych project announced in a call for submissions last week (which was soon [...]

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