I meant ‘closed’ not ‘on hiatus’

On second thought, ‘hiatus’ felt wishy-washy and indecisive. I meant ‘closed’ and should have said so: Whale Sound is now closed. Feeling a bit sad, but it’s time.

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9 thoughts on “I meant ‘closed’ not ‘on hiatus’

  1. Tru Dillon says:

    seemed you were just getting going and now you stop? that is sad to hear/all the best in whatever you do next. check in on my blog and keep in touch.

  2. W.F. Lantry says:

    Well, darn. And I was just bragging on you a few days ago, in an interview, when they asked me about the future of poetry: http://www.thiszine.org/poetry/lantry-spotlight. Here’s hoping that whatever you do next goes as well as this did. Oh, and here’s something to read in the coming days: http://www.ablemuse.com/erato/showthread.php?t=15898

    All our best,

    Kate and Bill

    • Kate and Bill you guys have been the absolute best and were such an inspiration and support in the project’s earliest days – thank you so much (and thanks for both links!!) Best always, Nic

  3. Dick says:

    Very sad, Nic. The blog has been a cornerstone for those of us actively concerned with poetry and its online development. But good to know that other crucial projects are still alive and well. Thanks for all the Whale Sounds over time.

  4. Ivy says:

    Well done on Whale Sound, Nic, and thanks for all your hard work!

  5. Sandy Longhorn says:

    Excellent work on Whale Sound, Nic. Looking forward to whatever comes next!

  6. Deb Scott says:

    Thank you for such a super project, Nic. It’s a storehouse of wonder.

    Toasting your past and future: cheers!

  7. Sheila says:

    Sorry to hear it, Nic, but looking forward to your next project!

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