‘as scars attach and ride the skin’

Lucille Clifton VoicesYes. Strong. Bare-bones simple. Open-hearted. Wide-hearted. Highly recommended. I liked all of this collection, particularly a series at the end called a meditation on ten oxherding pictures. The images she refers to are here (in the far left column, the ones by Kuoan Shiyuan, 101 explication here).

I love how she interpreted these pictures, how her work is so quiet and understated, yet so forceful.

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5 thoughts on “‘as scars attach and ride the skin’

    • Yes, I’ve been eying that, too. Then I could give away all the individual books to deserving friends. (Her memoir — Good Woman, I think it’s called? — was also very interesting. Her female ancestors actually preserved a tradition about Africa, and would tell their daughters to behave and be proud: “You from Dahomey women!”)

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