howling wolves x 2

Latest videopoem, one of the poems from Dark and Like A Web, using some of Flute Ninja’s wonderful music again, and continuing my obsession with space imagery – the ones here are from the Hubble site.

This lucky poem was also envideoed by the amazing Swoon way back when – you can watch that version just below. I love Swoon’s vibrant, urban take, especially the dark leitmotif of the solitary figure in silhouette with matching foreboding music.

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6 thoughts on “howling wolves x 2

  1. mdoallas says:

    Swoon always does such wonderful work. That said, I do like your own setting with that gorgeous space imagery and very apt music.

  2. James Brush says:

    These are wonderful interpretations of one of my favorites from your book.

  3. Barry Davis says:

    Very nice poem and you are an excellent reader. I think I like the x2 version best.

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