Top 20 Whale Sound posts for Oct & other stats

1. ‘Infinity’ by Tess Kincaid 165
2. ‘Something Brighter Than Pity’ by Carolina Ebeid 137
3. ‘If You Were A Bird’ by Aditi Machado 130
4. ‘A Different Leaving’ by Terresa Wellborn 123
5. ‘The Trains’ by Adele Kenny 123
6. ‘Lament’ by Jill Alexander Essbaum 116
7. ‘Sometimes I Still Dream About Their Pink Bodies’ by Kelli Russell Agodon 107
8. ‘At Ruby’s Diner’ by Sherry O’Keefe 100
9. ‘Ode to Drunkenness and Other Criminal Activities’ by Rebecca Loudon 98
10. ‘A History of Stone and Shadow’ by Carolyn Guinzio 97
11. ‘The Way Back’ by Kathleen Kirk 95
12. ‘And Her Name Was I Am Not Staying’ by Corey Mesler 94
13. ‘A Hole In My Name’ by Amy King 92
14. ‘Vestment’ by Sarah J. Sloat 85
15. ‘The Astronomer and the Poet’ by Jessica Piazza 84
16. ‘They Seek An Inky Elixir’ by Christine Boyka Kluge 80
17. ‘Miniatures’ by Mary Biddinger 77
18. ‘Sink or Float [quick fix witch]’ by Juliet Cook 75
19. ‘Something Circled the House While We Slept’ by James Midgley 73
20. ‘For The Woman On The Boulevard’ by Emma Trelles 72

This time I’ve included the number of views each post has had since it was posted. This captures the number of views of the current existing posts, using the Top Posts of All Time WordPress function (as opposed to Today, This Week or This Month), so it’s not really fair to more recent posts, which haven’t had the time to garner the hits older posts have been able to rack up. The ranking overall is probably a week or two behind reality, I’d say. I’ve included the number of views each post has had overall. Here’s a top views screenshot from today.

Overall, for the month of October Whale Sound had 6,873 views, compared to 3,824 views in September – a nearly 80% increase. The daily average number of views increased from 127 in September to 222 in October. Here’s that screenshot.

Published by

Nic Sebastian

Nic is the author of Forever Will End On Thursday and Dark And Like A Web. She founded the now-archived Whale Sound site and is co-founder of The Poetry Storehouse. Nic blogs at Very Like A Whale and Voice Alpha.

5 thoughts on “Top 20 Whale Sound posts for Oct & other stats”

  1. I see what you’re doing here: a clever ploy to get all contributors to share our links more avidly with our friends and contacts as we claw our way to the top! Seriously, these are good stats, though of course doesn’t provide stats on how many times an individual audio file is played, so you don’t really know how many people might have listened to a given poem via the home page, via Google Reader or other aggregators, or on iTunes. You’d have to go self-hosted for stats like that. However, I imagine this list does pretty accurately reflect the relative popularity of poems on the site.

  2. Hm. Actually no, I was just plugging on with my ‘promote web-active poets’ flavor of the month. I can see it could be taken as you read it, though, so should perhaps reconsider the Top 20 concept!

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