that would be Nic Sebastian falling off the NaPo bandwagon


Just had a couple days of a giant day-job crisis which took all my extra emotional energy and just destroyed the NaPo mood. I don’t have a prayer or a charm left in me. So sad…

In unrelated good news that I really don’t deserve, I have three poems up at Canopic Jar , and two of them are Gabriel-in-love poems, yay!

One thing I did realize while thinking about writing prayers during NaPo is how similar to a (dysfunctional, co-dependent..?) romantic relationship one’s relationship with the the divine (however you define that) can be. (is?)

In other undeserved but still excellent news, Scot Siegel has also published my review of Rose Hunter‘s To The River at the Untitled Country Review. Thanks, Scot & Rose!

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Nic Sebastian

Nic is the author of Forever Will End On Thursday and Dark And Like A Web. She founded the now-archived Whale Sound site and is co-founder of The Poetry Storehouse. Nic blogs at Very Like A Whale and Voice Alpha.

8 thoughts on “crash….”

  1. Sorry for the crash – but congratulations on the good news that accompanies it.

    Re: relationships w/ beloveds and relationships w/ the divine. Yes — and for me, also the relationship between poet and the ineffable, presumed or hoped for “reader” as well. All three parallel dances of love and faith and desire. I write very much from that space.

  2. You have a day job?! Now I feel even more inadequate than I did before. :)

    Seriously, I am not the kind of person to like poems just because they were written by friends or colleagues. If anything, I grow more critical, distrusting my own judgements. But the poetry you are writing these days really blows me away — it’s just the kind of poetry I aspire to write myself someday. Whatever you do to get into the place where you write those poems, I hope you never lose it.

    1. That’s so lovely and encouraging – thanks so much, Dave! I did feel I was in ‘the zone’ there for a while, and really hope it comes back. Doing lots of deep breathing with fingers crossed….

  3. The divine is the divine. It is perfect in its imperfection. When one loves it and realizes that love is perfect too, one is rendered capable of loving ones own imperfections and ‘crashes’ as something necessary to climb higher. Codependence is a word commonly used to express one’s anxiety at having to actually ‘need’ the divine in ones life. To badly paraphrase one of the poems you brought to me: ‘there are a host of cynical people out there who will try to convince us that we dont need each other’. The divine needs your participation to express it, as badly as you need it to live in your heart and mind and body.
    Just my two cents, without any tone of judgement–as Ive lived/live what you are living right now.

  4. Oh, that was Nate Pritts lovely poem – Letter to Her From Me ( – thanks so much for the reminder!

    Yes, it’s different when it’s the divine and yes, if I’ve stopped writing just now it’s because I’m still hesitating and poking and fiddling and trying to decide where it really is different. Or not. Or both different and the same. The last NaPo draft I have is called ‘prayer for escaping from your toils’ and I didn’t like to post it without having a sense of the next step. It will come! Thanks, Christopher.

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