A review of Forever Will End On Thursday!

Note that Dave Bonta is reviewing a book a day for April. Those of you who have written thoughtful poetry book reviews know how much intellectual and emotional energy it takes to put together just one review, let alone one a day.

And those of you who have had reviews written about your collections know how much it means to have someone focus on, weigh, and carefully articulate their thoughts on your poems – whether they like them or have doubts about them, whether they are seasoned critics or not.

We’re in a lonely business, us poets, and although we do much general cheering on of each other, much of it is inevitably on principal, in the team spirit, driven by the conviction that putting in to the community is as important as taking from it.

We don’t often stop and stare at each other’s work, really look at it. So it’s wonderful, it feels tender and respectful – and nourishing – when someone pauses in their life to make a moment of stillness and focus centered on your poems, gathers their thoughts on the poems, and writes them down. And it seems to generate a particular kind of affirmative energy in the recipient, an energy that is thoughtful and reproductive, qualitatively different from run-of-the-mill self-promotion energy and from general rah-rah-team energy and more useful, I would argue, to poetry.

So huge kudos to Dave Bonta for his heroic undertaking this month! And while you’re giving those, do us all a favor and write a poetry review!

Those of you who are on Goodreads might enjoy the Poetry Readers Challenge, masterminded by Sarah Sloat, which challenges members to a) Read at least 20 poetry books a year and b) Review the books. Without sarcasm. Re-read, recommend, try a poet you’ve never heard of.

Published by

Nic Sebastian

Nic is the author of Forever Will End On Thursday and Dark And Like A Web. She founded the now-archived Whale Sound site and is co-founder of The Poetry Storehouse. Nic blogs at Very Like A Whale and Voice Alpha.

7 thoughts on “miracle!”

  1. A review of my review! Nice. :) You’re right, even the one somewhat critical review I received for Odes to Tools felt like a real gift.

    In the interest of honesty, I should point out that I fell off the wagon yesterday — I did read a chapbook, but couldn’t muster the energy to write about it. Back into it this morning though.

    Goodreads seems like a good idea, if I weren’t so wedded to the blog. I guess you post reviews to both, right?

  2. Yes, exactly, just cut and paste your blog post. Goodreads adds another dimension of linkronicity which works very much in favor of the poet – your review gets centrally linked to the Goodreads listing of a particular book, so any time any one clicks on the book, they pull up all reviews ever written on it. Not so proliferous in the case of poetry collections unfortunately – so, go on, join Goodreads and be Forever Will End On Thursday‘s first reviewer there too! Adding all your other reviews to their respective books on Goodreads would of course be helpful to other poets as well.

  3. I love the Poetry Readers Challenge, and haven’t posted reviews there for a while…busy April and May. But, by chance, I read “Ode to a Socket Wrench,” “Ode to a Claw Hammer,” and “Ode to a Musical Saw” today! I will come back to the Odes to Tools when mind is clear! And review in blog & at Goodreads, no doubt!

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