Engaging the internet on the internet’s terms

Preferring cozying up to the internet to getting into a fight with it, here’s a new poetry magazine with an up-to-the-minute approach: Cold Front Magazine.  And their daily This Morning page has an a RSS feed so I can read it via Bloglines, the way I read all the blogs I follow!   (Hat tip: Deborah Ager.)

Update: All their pages have feeds. Am I the only one who is totally amazed that Poetry Daily and Verse Daily don’t have RSS feeds? Way to become quickly irrelevant in this day and age, or what. 

‘If it doesn’t exist on the internet, it doesn’t exist’

How did I miss this from Kenneth Goldsmith at Harriet, the Poetry Foundation blog?

Hat tip: Reb. She and Sefton are going back and forth on the importance (or not) of editors in the comments section of this post below.