Thanks to Dick Jones for my Kreativ Blogger award, ie this:


I have to list seven things I love, which would be the following:

1. evenings before bedtime when everyone is washed, homeworked, fed and absorbed in some individual project which ends up being collective by the fact of everyone being in the same room and in the same state

2. my husband’s secret crooked grin when one of us does something insane that reminds him just how much he loves us

3. trees, especially rain trees and banyans

4. many dry white wines

5. lurking on my teenage son’s video gamers’ discussion forum site which he made me join and having him link to my profile and tell his buddies on mother’s day this is His Mom who is the best mom and the red red red fan my 8 year old gave me for mother’s day

6. getting ready to move on to yet another patch on yet another continent — hooray for our tiny giant earth!

7. finishing a 4,000-word, 20-poem NaPoWriMo project and gloating over it

Seven bloggers I hereby award the Kreativ Blogger award – you know what you have to do, people:

1. Scavella
2. Rik
3. Richard
4. Pris
5. Aditi
6. Helen
7. Rob