The Adventures of Nassali Teresa

are finished!! At least, the first draft is.

A huge and total hooray for NaPo. No way would I ever have made it this far with such a project without the daily NaPo prod.

I’m labeling this post “verse novel,” recalling this semi-prophetic post on verse novels from last August. But The Adventures of Nassali Teresa is not a verse novel — at 3,769 words and 18 pages it’s way too short for that.  But it’s still pretty long for a NaPo project.  And it’s definitely a story and definitely mostly in verse. Verse story?

It still needs a lot of work. I’ll probably work/rework it all the way through this weekend and then let it sit for a while and see how it hits me in a  month or so.

Then I’ll be looking for victims volunteers to pass judgment on it, so watch out…

(A happy bonus is that the tale includes 45 lines of blank verse, which definitely count towards the BV 1000 challenge. Up to 954 lines — only 46 to go! Hey, it’s only been two years since I started it…)