E-book reader, anyone?


Hm. Still many months to go before Christmas, but no harm in looking ahead. How about a Sony Reader? Here’s a user review and here’s another.

Don’t know, don’t know. I’m a paper book lover, but often think I am just because it’s what I know.  Something to be said for being able to carry 80-plus books in the palm of your hand…

Decisions, decisions.

a moon of your own


The Moon is an accurate curved relief of the real thing, and is designed to be mounted on your bedroom wall. Using a mini remote control, you can control the phases of the moon or leave it on automatic and watch it phase through twelve stages, from Waning Crescent through Waxing Gibbous to New Moon.

You know you want one. From I Want One of Those.

The Aeneid

Robert Fagles translates The Aeneid. Hot dog! I can’t remember at what period of my life I listened to his Odyssey and Iliad on Books on Tape (must be a while ago, because, as I recall, they were tapes, rather than CDs) but I do recall getting really really sucked into them. Another item for the list, O Buyers of Christmas Presents for Me. You know who you are. (CDs are OK, OK?) The actual book would work, too. Heh.

Messing with time

As one chronically messed with by time, I freely welcome opportunities to mess with it and here are two rare ones. Consider these two items added to my wish-list, O Buyers of Christmas Presents for Me. You know who you are. 

The backwards clock for savoring orange days when Things Go Right (and not just machines and bosses, but lovers and poems and elections in benighted bastions of oppression).  


The day clock, for big-picture-only days.

christmas is just around the corner

I am so developmentally backward. Most peoples’ lives have a healthy and well-developed E-bay component. Not mine.  I just discovered E-bay this week. Making up for it though — just spent a fun fun Saturday buying nativity sets there. You don’t run into nice nativity sets every day, let me tell you. My head is spinning from the range of choices encountered. I bought five

The expensive one I really really want is by John Barrow, a British expat  living in Peru, for sale on Novica. Pictured above. Cedar and mahogany! Oh man.