‘web-active poet’

If you submit poems to The Poetry Storehouse and I Google you and can find little to no trace of you online and/or in different social media fora, I just am going to be a lot less excited about putting your poems up at the Storehouse, no matter how good they are. As the guidelines say: “We are a web-based project and our preference is to work with web-active poets. If you submit and have poems accepted, please expect to assist us in promoting your work through use of your own social media and web-based platforms.” It’s all about creating and leveraging collective synergies. If you aren’t active online, you can’t pull your weight, and others have to carry you. Working definition of ‘web-active poet’ here.

Are you a Web-Active Poet?

Okay, how’s this for a definition?

If #1 below and at least two of the remaining items accurately characterize you, you are a Web-Active Poet:

1. A good portion of your finished work is freely available online (on yours/others’ blogs/sites or in online poetry journals).
2. You check and respond to email at least once a day.
3. You have a comment-enabled blog that you update at least twice a week.
4. You have a Facebook/Twitter/other online social network account that you check/post on at least twice a week.
5. You have a website that consistently displays current contact info and material.

“celebrating the poems of web-active poets”?

Thoughts following yesterday’s post on poets & their web presence and its interesting comment stream:

We all make choices about how we want to embrace (or not) technology and social media, and there is good and honest reasoning behind almost every position. I think Whale Sound has not yet thought through exactly and honestly where *its* position is in that regard. But things are becoming clearer.

The Whale Sound motif is currently “celebrating your poems.” Given everything discussed in the earlier post, especially the essential ‘webness’ of Whale Sound and general workload issues, am now wondering whether that should not morph into “celebrating the poems of web-active poets”, or something along those lines. A motif that clearly puts Whale Sound in a specific place with regard to both solicitations and submissions.