my work online

morning in the borderland at Clare.

worm and gold leaf at Limehawk.

the god in the basement at Snakeskin.

The Poetry Storehouse, a big two-year project archived in 2015.  Some videos I have made for poems from The Poetry Storehouse are here.

island boy at Decades Review. Video for island boy here.

a thread of scarlet (with video) at Gnarled Oak

junction with wind and beetle; white fox; the pilgrimage begins at noon at Yew Journal

blue dawn with lizard tattoo; song of the hermit and snake god at Zoomoozophone Review

the novices practice forgiveness at Valparaiso Poetry Review

‘Ten Fabulous Videopoems’ – my ‘top ten’ video list for the series at Moving Poems Magazine

12 Moons series – collaboration with Erica Goss, Marc Neys and Kathy McTavish

banshee wind rising at Shot Glass Journal

the promise, Blue Fifth Review

Spotlight: An Interview with Poet, Voice Artist, and Film-maker Nic Sebastian – interview at Creative Thresholds.

wolf girl, Meadowland Review

decision at twilight, Glass.

Interview on videopoetry and other matters at Connotation Press.

Forever Will End On Thursday, collection edited by Jill Alexander Essbaum, published by Lordly Dish Nanopress.

Dark And Like A Web, chapbook edited by Beth Adams, published by Broiled Fish & Honeycomb Nanopress.

Propolis – a videopoem triptych
– collaboration with film-maker Marc Neys and musician Kathy MacTavish

Night Vision – videopoem tripytch by Swoon using Whale Sound readings

Videopoems by others using my readings and/or my poems, at Moving Poems

Poem at Lily.

Dave Bonta video for ‘the wanderers’ blessing’

Poem at Anti-.

Poem and review at YB.

Guest post on nanopress publishing at The Palace at 2am.

Interview at Coachella Review and two poems – here and here

Three poems at Canopic Jar.

Review of Rose Hunter’s To The River at Untitled Country Review.

Three poems at MiPOesias.

Whale Sound featured at Best American Poetry Blog

Five poems at Escape Into Life

Interview about Whale Sound on J.P. Dancing Bear’s Out of Our Minds radio show.

baobab girl, audio chapbook by Whale Sound

Interview about Whale Sound, on Dave Bonta’s Woodrat Podcast

tree poems (thorn and baobab), Salt River Review

live oak, MiPOesias

song of youth
ghazal of the open plain
the clefts of the rock
, The Nepotist

Tree poems (Yew; Ash; & Frankincense), Eclectica

Review of Harlot by Jill Alexander Essbaum, Galatea Resurrects

Sylhet, Hobble Creek Review

savannah man and three provinces and their king, Tongues of the Ocean

the soil maiden, Poetry Friends

the party, Anti-

The Olive Farmer, Valparaiso Poetry Review

a poem for mother’s day, The Dirty Napkin

we were ten
what happened to cousin harriet, Eclectica

the jungle and the bungalow, Poetry Friends

mother wolf, Autumn Sky Poetry

underlying, Avatar Review

what is broken, qarrtsiluni

our mother, Salt River Review

the aid worker
the mango tree
, Blue Fifth Review, (scroll down at link)

places of happiness (Dartmoor)
Boxing Carlotta
Family Portrait, Words Myth

The Water Carriers, Poems Niederngasse,

first grade activist
charcoal man
, Mannequin Envy

homecoming, River Walk Journal

the glue makers’ guild, Shit Creek Review

we have no need of prophets
scene in a parking lot, Words on the Web

places of happiness (Tunisia), Lily

Reasons, Loch Raven Review

April, Shit Creek Review

26 thoughts on “my work online”

  1. Hi there,

    I am amazed that your name is Nick Sebastian as it is my husband’s name (Nic) and my son’s name (Sebastian)…totally cosmic! Enjoy your poetry.

    Fellow poet,

    Jes Wright

  2. Dear NS:
    I love the line of inquiry suggested by your questions for poets on technology series. But I’m a little shocked at some of the preconceptions (and, as far as I can tell by the names of poets selected, the relatively narrow field). You might want to talk with some folks who might consider themselves E-poets or digital writers …

  3. Hi, I just started a blog on WordPress and came upon your work. Really good stuff! I live in Falls Church and have two little ones too, so I imagine our lives are similar off the screen.

    Will follow your blog…take care!

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